Review: Suedeberry Velvetine by Lime Crime

Hello everyone! To start this new blog I'll be doing one of the various reviews of make up or fashion. So I'll start introducing you to the wonderful and cheerful "Suedeberry" Velvetine from Lime Crime cosmetics. 

This is my second time buying make up from Lime Crime, but this time the delivery has been faster, pity I just bought one product. As you can see, the packaging is reaaally cute and lively with polka dots, unicorns and neon colours (best things come in small and cute boxes). "Suedeberry" Velvetine is a liquid (and stainless) lipstick with a matte finish in a reddish orange colour (not coral).

The new packaging of Velvetines is gorgeous, I actually prefer it from the old one (I love roses!).
The tube was a bit smaller than I'd thought, but still good, because despite it's size, the quality of the product is great. When you first open a Lime Crime lipstick, gloss or velvetine you smell a wonderfully sweet scent; you'd think its liquid candy haha. My surprise while applying was finding out that the colour was a bit more orange than what the description of the product said it was ("strawberry red"), but its still a gorgeous colour to me. I like red and orange lipsticks, and this is the perfect mix, maybe a bit to neon for winter, but on summer I'm sure it will look lovely. The formula is less opaque than I thought, so I had to apply it twice, but amazingly, the brush could absorb a lot of liquid, so I didn't have dip it twice (such a relief!). 
Please notice that I was very happy with my new velvetine and I applied it quickly, 
so my lips look weird and uneven....

(The light was a little different too, sorry!)

So, finally, I would say that I really liked "Suedeberry" Velvetine. Lime Crime has got a nice service and packaging, fast delivery and fairly good products. As far as I have seen, Velvetines have a sweet scent, nice colours, and a really good brush haha. The formula could be a bit more opaque, but oh well...
The colour of "Suedeberry" has been a bit of a problem: people complained about it being too orange, but personally I think it looks gorgeous on every kind of skin, you just need the right make up and clothes to wear with it. It's not as easy to wear as red. 

To end this review I will rate this product with a 4/5. 
Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please write below.

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