Lime Crime -Poisonberry

When it comes to lipstick, I prefer wearing red or dark colours than light or soft ones, altough I have some pinks and oranges, for summer or spring. This lovely purple berry color lipstick I got some time ago from Lime Crime was the first lipstick I fell in love with from Lime Crime, I also loved Glamour101 and Airborne Unicorn, but this one was love at first sight. I also ordered their Carrousel Lip Gloss in Present at the same time I bought Poisonberry, the colors are similar and I thought they would look nice together, but it turned out that the Carrousel gloss was so good I didn't have to put any lipstick underneath.
Poisonberry is a gorgeous berry purple that actually has a two tone look, but at first, you may think it's a much darker color. The formula is soft and creamy, which makes it easy to apply (better with a brush). I find it smudges a bit if I wear it for a long time, so I use a lip primer and a lip pencil. I personally think Lime Crime has a really good color range, but their lipstick are not the best I've tried, not that their bad, they just haven't got an outstanding quality. Instead, I really liked their lip glosses and velvetines! So I would really recommend buying a Lime Crime lip gloss or velvetine before anything else, they're a must have!

See you soon ;)

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