Spring Wishlist

A quick-sticks view of my spring wishlist (or part of it). This season I'm going to try and not wear so much black, I'll maybe try to wear more pastels. For now, I'll show you my favorite items (mostly pink, 'cause yes, I like pink) so far..

I've fallen in love with this little perfect backpack from Fjall Raven. 
They're all lovely, actually. I wouldn't mind having it in black or ox red...
and I'm really in the need of a backpack to carry all my art rubbish to varsity everyday.

These sunnies are gonna definitely gonna be mine soon haha

I'm terribly in love with The WhitePepper. It might be my favorite brand ever. Pitty I'm not rich...I would buy the whole store haha The pink floral top is just so perfect to me, and the pink beehive sweater is lovely and cozy. They have really nice colours at TWP, and very simple but femenine clothing. 

These jelly shoes remind me of my childhood, when I wore them with cute dresses or dungarees.

I'm really hoping to get this fragrance soon. It's not too expensive and it smells divine!
Very nice, subtle and refreshing for spring and summer.

And these gorgeous shoes from Mango. I prefer them in black, but this season they came in white. 
Still, I wouldn't mind having them.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.
For any inquiry, please leave a comment.
See you next time!

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